Can I update my eCookbook?

Yes, the ecookbook can be updated at any time. Just publish another revision using the "Preview and Order" function and head to the eCookbooks section to "Update"

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    Lauren Harkness

    It’s looking for a ecookbook registration code. Where do I find it?

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    Julie Haun

    Will users that have previously bought the ecookbook be able to see the new version? Do they have to do anything in order to see the updates? ALSO, the ecookbook is a little glitchy. You cannot back out of a recipe. It shuts down and you have to start over. Can someone call me please (I am developing our cookbook for print as well).

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    Theresia Pauline Lans

    Hello it’s about my re-corrected ecookbook
    I corrected a recipe and did the whole steps
    all the way to the store and it’s all corrected but the stand alone ecookbook did not changed the correction and still have the old version
    It ask for an code nr where can I find it
    Frustrated 😩😩
    I uploaded etc.....and yet still not hot the correction in the stand alone ecookbook
    Please help and I’m sorry for my stupidity
    Theresia lans