Adjusting Your Book's Style

Many of the aspects of your cookbook can be personalized. This includes fonts, colors, layouts, and other page options. To explore options for a particular page, click the "Edit" button (pencil icon) and head to the "Design" tab.


Different pages have different options but many styles are shared across page types. For example, the "Page Title" styling on recipe pages will match the titles for "Story Pages", "Dedication Pages", etc. (unless you override it at a page level). You can see all style-able elements in the "Styling for..." dropdown. Because it's easy to get carried away (and a lot of fun too) styling your cookbook, we thought we'd give you a few pointers.

  • Start Global, Tweak Local - Start with editing the "All Pages" style level. It will give your cookbook a consistent look and feel. Then override individual pages where you need to.
  • Less is More - It's really easy to "over style" your cookbook. Try to keep it simple and you will likely be more happy with the end result. Two or maybe three fonts is almost always plenty. Also, remember that the preview on your screen is probably smaller than real life. Most people have no trouble reading 10 pt font on a printed page even though it may look pretty small on your screen.
  • Review, Review, Review (your print ready files) - With great power, comes great responsibility :). Different fonts support different characters such as symbols, or accent characters. They also may "push" content off the page, and may not even generate an overflow warning. The only way to know for sure is to review your print ready files.


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    Catherine Burgess

    can i use a different layout if i want to just put 2 short recipes one one page without potentially reverting all pages from original layout selected?

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    Hi Catherine, changing the layout on one page won't affect the rest of the pages in your book. Click the edit button next to the existing page and go to the "layout" tab to change the layout.