Cookbook Designer Overview

Our new cookbook designer has quite a few features that y'all have been asking for. Change your fonts, size, preview your book live, and keep recipes organized as you go are just a few of the new capabilities.

Large Live Page Preview

Gone are the days of going back and forth to your print ready pdf files constantly to see the changes to your cookbook. Get a live large preview of your cookbook from right in the designer. Don't worry though, the print ready files are still available for review as the final "source of truth" for how your cookbook will ultimately look.  

Meet the Edit Page Dialog

One dialog to change anything on the page. You can edit the layout, add an existing recipe, add a picture, or add another recipe, all from one place.

Arrange Pages

No more having to drag pages around in a tiny box. The new "Arrange Pages" function gives you a full screen view of your book. You can even select multiple pages at once and drag them into location making organizing a cookbook by section so much easier. 

 Recipe Box for Real

Stay seriously organized as you create your book. You don't have to even think about the order you enter the recipes. Just add away. The new "Recipe Box" will keep you completely organized. You can even select a bunch of recipes that aren't in your book, and have it "auto insert" them into your cookbook laying out each page and creating section dividers where necessary.

Prepare for Publishing is now Preview & Order

Mostly just a change of wording here. Prepare for Publishing sounded like there was no way back, and that was never our intent. Preview & Order shows page warnings, and generates your print ready PDF files.


We're really excited about this new designer, and can't wait to hear what you think!

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