Can others order my book?

At CreateMyCookbook, we give you the opportunity to share your book with others so that they can order their own copies. Don't worry, without your sharing your book, your book is not public so only people that you share the following information with can order your book.  

The first method of sharing your book is by using a reorder code. The reorder code is provided to you on the last page of your cookbook. You can provide your reorder code and the link below to let others order your book.

You can also add a link in your emails. On your checkout page, there is a heading "Want To Share Your Cookbook?" Clicking on the link below that will provide you with a link to cut and paste into emails and/or social media posts. 

Want to order someone else's book? Just contact them for the Reorder Code or Share link to access a checkout page so you can order their book. 

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