What can I do if my content is overflowing the page margins?

The page warnings about the margins being exceeded means that the
content on the pages is outside the print safe margins. You have a few

a) You can edit the content down so that it fits on one page.

b) Split the content up and place it across two pages.

Unfortunately, our software does not currently support a single recipe
spanning multiple pages.

In cases where our software is reporting false errors, try opening the
Edit Recipe dialog, and without making any changes to
the recipe, click on the blue Save button. In a lot of cases, this
will eliminate the warning if the error is falsely being reported.

A good general rule is that if your content is above the page number then your content should be safe. Make sure that if you've added a recipe or photo to a recipe page that you make sure the content doesn't spill over into your additional content. Also, hovering your mouse cursor over the page preview will reveal the crop safe area. If your content is within that area, then you will be ok. Our software can sometimes be a little conservative with calculating if content will be safe or not. 


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