What size are your cookbooks?

Our personal binding styles measure about 7.75" x 9.75". There is a slight variation in dimensions between the binding styles. 

For our fundraiser orders of 100 or more copies, smaller binding styles are available. Those books measure about 5.5" x 8.5". 

You can see photos and learn more about our available binding styles on our pricing page

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    Sharon J Miller

    What are the choices we have for sizes?

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    Barbara Franklin

    If you state that's styles have different sizes then saying your standard size is not exact enough

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    to see dimensions for each book style, check out the pricing page. The soft cover and hardback case bound measure approximately 7.75x9.75. The hardback wire o and binder are slightly narrower. Then there are the fundraisers styles which are approximately 5.5x8.5. I know these dimensions aren't exact. Dimensions vary slightly with page count. The thicker pages require a thicker coil which requires a wider cover.