Editing Photos

We have a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to do some easy photo manipulation along with adding a dash of personality to your photos. This article will introduce you to a few of the features of our photo editor.  

The first step to editing your photo is to open the photo editor. Hover over the thumbnail of the photo you want to modify. Two icons will appear- clicking on the x icon will delete your photo while clicking on the pencil icon will open up the editor. 


Once you have the editor open, you'll see icons along the left side for the different editing functions.

Remember, whenever you make changes to your photos in the editor, it changes the photo in your account. That means that once you save a photo, the changes cannot be undone or edited. You will need to re-upload the original file if you decide you want the original photo back, so hold on to the original files. Any modifications will be made universally if your photo appears on multiple pages or in several books.

If you have the editor open and decide you're not ready to commit to any changes, you can click "close" in the top right-hand corner and the editor will be closed without applying any of your changes. 

Let's go over the transform tool. Select the crop contstraints on the left- you can crop to fit the type of page where you're adding the photo, or do a custom size. You can drag the corners to crop your photo to cut out anything you don't want see in your photo.

Time and time again, I see that I've taken photos with my camera and for some reason, our photo is saved sideways. Isn't that annoying? Well, never fear, there is a tool to rotate your photos. You can turn it around until the floor is the ceiling if you want. You can even mirror the image so everything is backward. 

Once you're done, click on Save and the crop will be applied. 

Next, there are photo adjustments. That window allows you to edit the brightness, color and other settings on your image. Slide the ball on each scale to edit. 

Next, let's use the text tool. Adding text is great if you want to add any information to your photo like a location or peoples' names, and are unable to do so using the normal text and design tabs in the designer. Click on the text tool, then click on the image to add a text box. Clear out the default text and type in your text. Once you have some text, you can change the font and color on the left. Click once on a swatch to select a color, or click a second time to open the full color picker. 

The last option is the "text design" feature. Take your text to the next level with creative text designs. Click to add your text, then select the design options on the left hand side. This is great for fun custom covers or section dividers!

When you're finished, click "save" in the top right corner to save the changes to the image in the designer. Then you can finish editing the page in your cookbook. 


I hope this article helps. Play around with the editor to see all the capabilities. Have fun!


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  • Avatar
    Carole Dunn

    Can I add a photo to the page where the recipe is?

  • Avatar
    Cathy Hare

    My photos are the size that is recommended yet the image is cropped when I insert into section divider page. Even if I resize it to a smaller size the picture still has part of it cropped out. Is there any way to fix this?

  • Avatar
    Debbie Theilen

    I have chosen a photo for my book cover. I want to put the book title on the photo when I edit the photo. When I do that I get a box on my title page because I do not want to put the title while editing the page. Does that make sense? How do I get rid of that box that is waiting for my book title?

  • Avatar
    Laurel Eldredge

    I don't have any editing buttons on the left hand side???