Publishing Your Cookbook

Reviewing your print ready files is an important part of the process. During the review process, you have the opportunity to view your book as it will be published. This will be the time to catch issues pertaining to spelling, grammar, photo quality, etc...

In order to create your print ready files, click on the Preview & Order button to select the binding style and paper options. Once the process is done, you will be given the opportunity to review and approve the final proofs for each binding style you prepared as well as any warnings associated.


 If everything looks good and you're happy with your proofs, click "Approve All Proofs & Publish to Private Bookstore" to proceed to the order page. 

If you find errors in the book or decide to make changes, click "cancel" to go back into the designer and make the changes. For the changes to take effect, the print ready files must be updated so you'll need to re-create them by going through the process described above. Once your book is all in order, approve your proofs and head to your "Private Bookstore". Select how many books you want of each binding style and also select your shipping method.

Making Changes After You Approve Proofs and/or Order

You can continue to make changes at any time to your cookbook. Just make sure you approve the latest set of proofs before ordering again. Only approved proofs will be printed, and if you don't approve again, we'll wind up printing the last approved version of your book, and your changes might not be included.

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  • Avatar
    Lisa Gilliam

    I have checked my print ready files several times during the creation process. I noticed today, that though my preview file contains all of the pages I have completed to date, the preview/checkout screen shows a page count and creation date that is incorrect. Can you advise if this only presents the count and date of the initial print ready file? I want to make sure that what I see on the PDF created, will be what is actually printed, since it differs from the checkout information. I have not yet finished final edits, so I have not ordered by cookbook yet. Thanks!!

  • Avatar
    Lisa Gilliam

    Ahh, actually, I see what I was doing wrong. I have answered my own question, and all is well :) I am excited about finishing up and cannot wait to order and then receive the finish products. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Mary Hansen

    I have already been to this exact page twice and I have had 2 other people look at it and none of us can see where to download our pdf files to review. Your answer was not helpful and I am still stuck.

  • Avatar
    Bobbi Dorman

    how can I order my cook book?

  • Avatar

    Hi Bobbi! Publishing your print-ready proofs is the first step to ordering your cookbook. Once you follow the directions above and publish your proofs to your "private bookstore", you can select the quantity you would like to order and proceed to checkout.

  • Avatar
    Anne Adams

    I ordered a cookbook and received it. I then made changes and would like to order the REVISED copy. I received a book code with the 1st cookbook, Is that still the code I would use when ordering the REVISED cookbook?

  • Avatar
    Patti Makes

    How do I start to publish? How do I create a preview?