Adding Recipes

OUTDATED: See "Entering Recipes from a Recipe Box"

There is a button on the left side of the designer labelled Add Recipe. Click on it and our Add Recipe Pop-Up comes up.

Fill in all the fields. The notes field can include any special directions, or whose recipe it is....anything like that. Make sure you follow the instructions on the screen like separating each step by having it on a new line. Our software is programmed to look for cues like this to do a lot of the grunt work for you. Once you're done with that recipe, click Save and start on your next recipe.

Within a few, you'll have the hang of it and your online recipe library will be growing rapidly. As you add recipes, you’ll notice that they are automatically added to your Page Navigator which is a graphical representation of how your book will be published. Imagine that looking at the Page Navigator is the same as looking down on an open book. The conjoined pages are what pages you will see when the book is open.  Don’t worry about the order as you can click and drag the pages around to place them where you want, for example placing a recipe and a photo of the food adjacent to one another.

There are two ways you can edit your recipes. If a recipe is in your page navigator, click on it to bring up a preview image of it. Click on the preview image and the edit pop-up will appear. Make your changes and click on the Save button to apply your changes. 


You can also hover your cursor over the recipe in the Recipe Box. To the left of the recipe name, a pencil icon will appear. Clicking on that icon will bring up the edit recipe pop-up. 

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