Story Pages

Story pages are a great way to share family history, anecdotes, and any thing else you'd like to share in your book. You can add your own title and say whatever you want to say. These pages will also appear in your table of contents page. 

To add a story page, simply click the "Insert Page" button (the orange plus sign) where you want the page to appear. Then choose the "Story Page" page type. 

There are four layouts available for the story page:

  • Full Page Story (text only)
  • Story Top/Picture Bottom (text and photo)
  • Story Bottom/Picture Top (text and photo)
  • Story Continued (text only) - This is for stories that you just can't get in on one page.

Story Pages appear in the Table of Contents (except the "Story Continued" layout)


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    Caroline Lawson

    How can I find the page to select the different pages I want eg Story page, table of contents? Cannot find how to get to these directly. Caroline

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    Charlie Grice

    I cannot find the page or select story pages.

    Edited by Charlie Grice
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    Charlie Grice

    How do I find the spot to select the story pages? Can.t find them.

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    carolyn connolly

    my text keeps going outside the box. Am I limited as to the length of what I can type