How can I rearrange pages in my book?

Pages can be rearranged in the "Arrange Pages" dialog by clicking and dragging them into the order that you want them to be published.

When there is a page you want to move, move the mouse cursor over the page. Click on the page and it will appear to lift up. While holding the mouse button down, move the page where you would like it to land. The space where it will land will become empty. Once your page is in the right location, release the mouse button. 



You can even move multiple pages at once by "multi selecting" them. Do perform a multi select, just hold down the Ctrl key (command key on Mac) and select additional pages. To select a range of pages click on the first page, then holding the shift key, select the ending page. Then drag the first page selected to the desired position to move all of the pages to the new location.



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    Laurel Mors

    I know how to drag and drop and move multiple pages.. I just cannot scroll down to more pages. There is no scroll bar to see more pages than the first chapter. I need to work on my last chapter at this time. How do I get there? .I'm wondering if the answer is under my taskbar.