Can I have multiple recipes per page?

Our software has the capability of placing multiple recipes per page as well as photos and recipes on the same page. Just change the page layout to “Two Recipe Page" or "Recipe With Picture" 

If the recipe that you would like to add is already in your cookbook, you'll need to remove it from your book first so it won't appear in your book in two places. Don't worry, it won't remove your recipe from your account, so no re-typing is required. 

Once you have changed the layout to a "Two Recipe Page" layout, select each recipe tab, and either enter a new recipe, or choose "Existing Recipe" to choose another recipe that is already in your account, but not in your cookbook.

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    If a recipe is already in the book, it will appear in the recipe box "crossed out" as it is already in the book. To add the recipe to a two recipe page, do the following

    1. Bring up the page on which the other recipe exists.
    2. Either click on the trash can to remove the page (your recipe won't be deleted).
    3. Alternatively, if the page that has the recipe you want to combine is a two recipe page, edit the page and remove the second recipe by changing the layout to a single recipe page or a recipe page with photo and saving.
    4. Go back to the page you want to add the second recipe, and change the layout to a "Two Recipe Page" layout
    5. Head to the "Second Recipe" tab, and click "Existing Recipe". Then search for the recipe to add it to the other page. It will no longer be crossed out.