How To Use WeTypeIt

Our WeTypeIt feature lets you submit photos of your recipe cards so we can type them for you. You can access WeTypeIt directly from the "My Cookbooks" page, or as one of the options in your recipe box under 'Add Recipe'. 



Upload Recipe Card Scans/Photos



You may upload multiple photos at a time or one at a time (if you are using your smartphone, you can take pictures directly using the camera). 

Make sure:

  • The entire recipe is in the photo
  • There's only one recipe per photo 
  • The photo is not blurry


Rotate and Name Recipes



Once your upload is complete you will:

  1. Rotate the image (if needed) to make it readable by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the photo     
  2. Add the Recipe Name
  3. You may also add a Category if you like (useful if you plan to add recipes from your recipe box to your cookbook by category)


Purchasing and Using Credits



Every time you submit a recipe for us to type you use 1 recipe credit. You can purchase credits once you've run out OR preemptively as you upload recipe photos. 

Once you've purchased recipe credits, head back to WeTypeIt and continue submitting recipes.


Add Back



 If there is a back side (or second page) to your recipe card, click 'Add a Back Side'


Recipe Status

There are three different WeTypeIt statuses your recipe may have

Status Description
Submitted The recipe is in the process of being typed up
Unsubmitted Your recipe photo was uploaded but you have not submitted it for typing
Canceled There was a problem with your recipe photo (such as a blurry resolution or more than one recipe in the photo) so your submission was canceled. Your credit will be reissued to your account and then you will need to delete and resubmit your recipe.


When we've finished typing your recipe, you will receive an email that it is ready for your cookbook in your recipe box. Typed recipes can be viewed or edited in the Recipe Box- just click on the recipe name. 

Once all of your recipes are typed up, you can add them as recipe pages in your book using the "batch actions" button. Check out the article on using your Recipe Box for more information. 

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  • Avatar
    Tracie Davis

    How much are the credits?

  • Avatar

    The first two credits are free. Then pricing is as follows.

    5 credits for $3.95 USD
    30 credits for $19.95 USD
    100 credits for $59.95 USD

  • Avatar
    Elke Pafford

    How can I resubmit a recipe from WeTypeIt I accidentally deleted

  • Avatar
    Michelle Jordan

    What does processing mean? It just keeps saying processing and nothing is happening. I can't see any of the 73 recipe cards I photographed and uploaded

  • Avatar
    Julia Shultz

    Is one credit good for one recipe?

  • Avatar
    Wendy Gaton

    Can I submit a picture of a recipe from a book or web search?

  • Avatar
    Debra Cash McGraw

    I keep getting low memory when I try to send receipe photo for you to type